Answers – Youth & Family Creation Conference

Come join us for an exciting night of Bible answers on important science and creation questions! 

Apologist and author Wes Moore will cover some of the most fascinating issues faced by both youth and adults in today’s culture. Here’s what you’ll learn at this amazing conference one-night conference:

  • Session 1: The Bible & The Dinosaurs: Where did the dinosaurs come from? Does the Bible mention dinosaurs? When were they created? When did they die? All of this and more will be covered in this important session.

  • Session 2: The Truth about Noah’s Ark: How did Noah get all the animals on the Ark? How big was the Ark? Was there really a global flood? Get ready for some amazing answers!

  • Session 3: How can we know God exists?: What evidence is there that God is real? How does creation prove God’s existence? How does the Resurrection affect this question? Can we really know God? Look out–this session will blow you away! 

  • Session 4: Are ghosts real? This may seem an odd session for a creation conference, but it isn’t! If God created all things, including the spirit world, we should be able to turn to his Word for answers on the existence of ghosts and other supernatural beings. No, it’s not Halloween! But it is time to shed some light on ghosts!

This FREE conference is open to youth and families of all ages! Pizza and drinks will be provided, so sign up and come on out!

NOTE on RSVP: Only 1 RSVP is required per group, but please select the number of tickets that matches the number of people you expect to bring in your group. In other words, if you are bringing your youth group, you do not need to RSVP for every name on your list, just put in one name (say “ABC Church Youth”) and then select the number you are bringing with you (say “5”). This will help us with providing enough food for everyone! 

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