EDA Move Leadership Conference 2019


October 8 - 09:00 am


October 9 - 02:00 pm

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EDA Move

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  • We will accept registrations and checks through the EDA Move office until SEPTEMBER 24TH for those who want to avoid the online fees. Please make checks out to EDA and send to: PO Box 3547, Camp Hill, PA 17011

  • FULL conference tickets include Tuesday dinner and Wednesday lunch.

  • Tuesday’s dinner will include a recognition + prayer time in honor of Eddie Cole.

  • If you plan to attend the ordination council on Tuesday morning, please RSVP by purchasing a FREE ticket in addition to your Conference ticket. 

When you register, you will be picking breakout sessions:


Creating A Healthy Leadership Culture For Women In The Local Church: Throughout Scripture and church history, women have been important to the mission of God. But all too often women have lacked opportunities to minister and lead fully. Many churches lack visible examples of women in ministry and leadership. This workshop will explore how churches can create a culture where women, from childhood to adulthood, are equipped and empowered to use their gifts for the kingdom.    

  • Deb Hinkel

Ministry Trends, Attendance and The Next Gen – A Conversation About Best Practices to Reach the Next Generation: How to lead with relationship, not programs, develop high quality leaders, leverage every programmatic element for disciple-making, open pathways to impact the community, and connect right theology with right living.

  • David Boerema

Ministry or Marketing? A Simple Online Strategy to Grow Your Church: How to develop an audience-centric, high-value online strategy to reach people in your community who don’t know you exist. 

  • Josh Ott

How To Lead People Who Don’t Have Time For You: Every pastor and ministry leader has experienced frustration when a church members tells them, “I’d like to participate, but I have to work.” And, some church leaders feel they must compete with a member’s career for both time and effort. However, God has a specific calling for every single one of those made in his image. He has called us all, vocational church leaders as well as non-vocational church members, to a holy calling and has given us the promise of his partnership in it. All work has value and matters to God. In this breakout session, we will discuss how God partners with all people in either his creative or redemptive work.

  • John Welborn

Clarity, Equipping, and Empowerment For The Win in Kid Ministry: Leading a kids ministry in an ever changing culture is challenging! Join us as we unpack what we’ve learned about building a ministry where volunteers want to serve, kids want to attend, and parents are empowered through intentional partnerships.

  • Melissa Diem

Understanding Your Community: Would your church benefit from a needs assessment that is able to determine the concerns of your community? Knowing these things makes it possible for you to have a preaching ministry in your neighborhood that will empower the congregation to minister to the demands of their world. This is a great tool for church plants but also useful for seasoned churches. This workshop with also look at biblical and other literary support for using needs to introduce people to Christ. Compared to other assessments this one is as comprehensive as others but is much easier to use. The workshop will include an explanation on the development of the needs assessment and its deployment. 

  • Art Pavelski

Cross-Cultural Evangelism: Practical ways to show compassion, hospitality and love to immigrants. Spanish and English.

  • Carlos Belza



Survive and Thrive In The Marathon Of Ministry: Serving the local church is an unbelievable privilege but it can also drain us as we seek to be faithful servants. So often our ministry can become our identity. The Pastoral Support Team will share some specific ways that you cannot only survive but thrive in all the seasons of your ministry.  

  • EDA Move Pastor Support Team

Leveraging Online Tools to Reach More People: A deep dive into the specific tools – website, landing pages, email campaigns, social media – you can use to increase your voice and influence. No budget required. Size doesn’t matter. 

  • Josh Ott

Growing A Priority and Practice of Prayer: How do we develop a prayerfully dependent life and ministry? How do we move from talk about prayer into the regular practice of prayer? Discover insights and practices on prayer for one’s life and ministry that will impact who you are and what you do.

  • Fritz Dale

Practical Ways To Measure The Vital Signs of Your Church: Vitality can be hard to measure. Especially when you are leading a church or ministry. Learn how to understand and measure where you are so you can chart a course forward through revision, learning how to stop and restart and reproducing leaders. Practical help driven by real stories from real ministries. 

  • Cedrick Brown, Dan Reeve, and David Gehret

Strengthening the Soul Of The Leader: What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”  We often read these words and think about the person who doesn’t know Jesus. But how do they apply to us a ministry leaders? This workshop will focus on understanding the integrated self and why it’s so important for ministry leaders to attend to their souls so that they are able to lead from a healthy, whole self.

  • Deb Hinkel

Engaging Your Community For Long Term Change: Learn how to make a sustainable impact in your community by listening to your neighbors, diagnosing the assets & needs of your community and developing a strategic focus for your church. This breakout will provide you with guiding principles, practical tips and the tools you need for engaging your community for long term change. Ryan Keith, Strategic Initiatives Pastor at West Shore Free, will share a process learned and developed in southern Africa while he worked with churches making a big difference through community development. It is a process that is repeatable and has been applied in central PA with meaningful impact.

  • Ryan Keith

Leadership Gathering for Worship Leaders 

  • George Romanacce

Pastor’s Wives Gathering: Come together to share and discuss the pastor’s wife dynamic we all find ourselves in.

  • EDA Move Pastors Wives Support Team

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