ILLUMINATE APOLOGETICS CONFERENCE 2019: Exploring the Evidence for Christianity

Do you want to be encouraged toward a more thoughtful and winsome faith and witness? Do you want to impact the next generation for Christ and gain a better foundation for providing answers about Christianity to those in your sphere of influence? If you are influencing students or young people or are a student yourself (age 13 and up), this conference is for you. Parents. Grandparents. Youth workers. Homeschoolers. Sunday school teachers. Pastors. Christian educators. Students. If you’re in any position to influence lives, don’t miss this opportunity to get trained in defending the faith. Be prepared to provide solid answers for your hope in Christ. Some of the questions to be explored include:

  • Does Truth Exist?

  • Can we know the Truth?

  • Is there any good evidence for God’s existence?

  • Is the Bible reliable and trustworthy?

  • Did Jesus really claim to be God?

  • Is there any evidence that Jesus actually rose from the dead?

  • What about other religions?

  • And many more!


Dr. Frank Turek, Dr. J.P. Moreland, Dr. Phil Fernandes


Matt Adams- Master Illusionist


Ryan Clair Music

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