Whisper Stageplay and Marriage Conference

Are You Ready to Build a Better Marriage? Attend this unique event that provides both entertainment and enrichment to help marriages thrive!

About Whisper Stage Play

In marriage there are many voices that influence our thoughts and decisions. Most times, these voices are quiet and subtle but can have very LOUD consequences. That advice from your mother, that compliment from your coworker, or that “it’s OK to cheat” from a reality star can all create small cracks in an unstable foundation that can lead to a flood of destruction.

Whisper follows Lex and Mia Ellis, a beautiful, ambitious couple who’s leveling up and growing apart at the same time- and they don’t even realize it. Eventually, they find that they’ve reached a decision point: are they better together or apart? Once they begin to follow the advice of a life coach, Dr. Luke, who appears to have the key to help them figure it all out, things take an unexpected turn–one that makes them reevaluate everything that they believe about life, themselves and their marriage. This story of love, deceit, and blind ambition will leave audiences intrigued and wanting more.

About the Conference

In addition to this eye-opening play, we are inviting dynamic guest presenters and including breakout sessions to provide tools and resources that will help participants to explore and strengthen their own relationships.

Registration for this day long event includes:

  • Whisper Stageplay
  • Choice of Two Workshops + Panel Discussion
  • Catered Lunch on Site
  • Opportunity to Shop with Our Fantastic Vendors

PRESENTERS and Workshops:

1. Mark & Trina Goffe // Session: The Aftermath| This workshop will discuss the building blocks of reconciliation after a relationship has suffered an affair, breakup or separation, linking the importance of faith and communities in repairing the relationship.

2. Shamon & Nijiama Smalls //Session: Unbreakable Love – Establishing guard rails and boundaries for healthy marriage| This workshop will facilitate a discussion on establishing healthy boundaries within marriage: 1. Boundaries in relationships with opposite sex 2. Intimacy Boundaries 3. Time Boundaries

3. DaMont & Selikka Wood//Session: Intentional Love| This workshop will encourage and equip couples to make the time and emotional investments into their marriage and family in spite of the demands of life.

4. Two Be One Marriage Enrichment//Session: Two Becoming One | This workshop will help couples strengthen their bond with one another as well as their intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, using The Word as their foundation.

Time of Program: 8:00 to 5:00 with a 60 minute break for lunch

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