International Leadership Summit


April 30 - 09:00 am


May 2 - 03:00 pm

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Leadership Conferences, National Speakers / TV Broadcasters, Speakers

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Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC, United States, 28201-28237, 28240-28247, 28250, 28253-28256, 28258, 28260-28262, 28265-28266, 28269-28275, 28277-28278, 28280-28290, 28296-28297, 28299


Visionaries, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and leaders, this is your exclusive invitation to join Bishop T.D. Jakes for the International Leadership Summit (ILS), formerly the International Pastors and Leadership Conference (IP&L), in Charlotte, North Carolina!

As an ILS attendee, you’ll glean invaluable insights that will elevate how you cultivate curiosity in all facets of your enterprise, and more.

From April 30 through May 2, 2020, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bishop T.D. Jakes, ILS visionary and founder, will lead this highly anticipated summit alongside a lineup of illustrious industry thought leaders. Inspired by Bishop T.D. Jakes’ New York Times best-selling book, SOAR! Build Your Vision from the Ground Up, ILS will equip you to cultivate an insatiable drive for intellectual curiosity that every effective leader needs.

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