Tabernacle Voice


October 11 - 10:00 am


October 13 - 12:30 pm

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National Speakers / TV Broadcasters, Speakers

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King's Inverness

Smithton Estate

Inverness, United Kingdom, IV27

This year we feel God wants to enable deeper understanding of the prophetic, and our part in hearing, understanding and communicating God’s voice.

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The Tabernacle Vision ….is one filled with a desire to create spaces to meet with God & explore His presence more deeply in Word & Spirit. god has given us astounding gifts and as we seek to bring His Kingdom into the world around us, the best strategies and wisdom to connect with them, are found deep in the presence of our Holy God in personal encounter. The Tabernacle in Scripture was a pattern released from heaven, assembled on the earth, that housed the presence of God for a generation. There is a strategy given to every generation and every culture that infuses them with the fragrance of Christ. Our vision is to meet, pray and seek God for what this means today. Tabernacle is a space for the hungry, where we do not restrict God the demand for familiar experience. Instead we allow Him to take us.

God has called us to first love Him, and then out of the overflow to love people

What would happen if your spirit was given freedom to explore your unique shape and how that fits together within the greater structure that houses His presence, for this time and season.

What does this look like? To draw close and closer still.

To see an outpouring of God’s changing presence. What will God show us? How will He change us?

What will He commission us to do?

To have no walls and no ceiling for God.

To make a place of freedom for the Spirit of God to teach us: A space for receiving Heaven’s strategies, solutions, innovations and blueprints.

He wants to show us ways of advancing His Kingdom we haven’t even thought of.

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